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Shanghai Yoogle Metal Technology Co.,Ltd (Yoogle brand) is a high-tech enterprise in China, founded in 2008 and located in Shanghai Jinshan industrial park,For improve product quality and performance ,we have established good relationship with many scientific research departments and universities in China, and jointly develop more technologies to adapt to the fast changing in the future.
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          • Shanghai Yoogle Metal Technology Co.,Ltd
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          • Main Products:
          • --Metallic bipolar plates for PEMFC (Possible substrate :stainless steel ,Aluminum alloy,Titanium alloy) --Interconnects for SOFC --Service (Design,Coating,Forming,Sealing etc)
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          • No.568 Langong Rd., Jinshan District,Shanghai
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          • 201507
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          • Helen Wang
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          • Trade Manager
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          • +86-21-36333106
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